responsible digital entrepreneur

Econocom is convinced that digital can no longer be an end in itself,
but should improve the well-being of humans.
This is tech for the greater good.

Our mission

To provide our customers and their end-users with effective and responsible
digital solutions to generate positive impact

Our objectives

Our clients: Supporting new, responsible uses among our clients and users

  • Ensuring an as-a-service user experience that is simple and extensive
  • Promoting the circular economy and responsible digital technology (reducing technology’s environmental impact and tackling the digital divide)
  • Fostering responsible innovation through both in-house and external partnerships

Our employees: Upholding our excellence through a commitment to social responsibility

  • Positioning ourselves as a socially minded employer
  • Applying a stringent environment policy
  • Operating as an ethical, responsible player

Our ecosystem: Uniting an ecosystem to create shared value

  • Supporting new uses in practical digital technology in education, green IT and the workplace
  • Becoming the partner of choice of innovative firms and integrating them into our offerings
  • Developing our local presence 

Our areas of commitment


We believe in the positive impact of digital technology and see it as a way of effectively meeting the needs and demands of learners throughout their lives. Econocom actively helps tackle the digital divide in education.

green IT

Digital technology pollutes, but its rise is a great chance to speed up the ecological transition. Econocom actively helps develop responsible digital technology. 


Uses change over time, including in our way of working, whether independently, collaboratively or through mobility. Digital technology is a solution for building working environments that give talents greater freedom. 

Our CSR manifesto

As a responsible digital entrepreneur and pioneer of the digital circular economy, the Econocom Group has made a commitment with the publication of the first founding element of its CSR policy: its manifesto.

Econocom in action

Support a responsible use of digital

Federate an ecosystem to create shared value

Econocom ditches Secret Santa for donations to Birmingham city mission

Econocom supported two of the charities of the Birmingham City Mission by collecting food, toys, household items and clothes for the Christmas period.

No matter the weather, you can’t stop the sunshine

In 2018, Econocom donated 8,000 masks to a UK-based humanitarian aid charity Operation Sunshine, which provides aid to communities in Africa.

Fighting digital exclusion with the Schools Leasing Framework

At the end of 2020, Econocom partnered with TechInclusionUK and the Tower Hamlets Education Partnership to refurbish and distribute digital equipment, donated by Econocom, to young pupils attending primary school in Tower Hamlets.

Empower women at every stage of their careers


To encourage women develop careers in the digital industry,
Econocom is one of the founding members of the Femmes@numérique.

100 women in finance

To encourage parity in the finance industry, Econocom UK is partnering with 100 Women in Finance, a global network of professionals in the finance industry working together.

One digital company