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Econocom announces the acquisition, via TMF France, of SOFI Group, a leading industrial player in France’s digital refurbishment market, with a view to breaking into the European refurbishment market.

Audited annual results 2021: Confirmation of strong growth in Recurring Operating Profit and Net Profit

The Econocom group strengthens its governance with the appointments of Laurent Roudil as Director and CEO and Angel Benguigui as Executive Managing Director

Strong increase in the group Recurring Operating Profit and Net Result in 2021

Nine-month 2021 revenue stable Q3 2021, upswing in TMF business

Econocom helps create Europe’s leader in open source

Econocom launches its new website

Econocom acquires a majority stake in trams, one of Apple's leading B2B resellers in the UK

Strong increase in 2021 half-year results - Resumed acquisition drive

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