The Schools
Leasing Framework

A simple finance solution for your technology investment
which preserves your cash for your core educational expenditure.

Why this framework?

There is an increasing awareness of the problems of compliance and value for money with regards to school leasing.

To address such concerns, Link Group, working in conjunction with UK Local Authorities, established the Schools Leasing Framework, a standard, pre-qualified, and fully compliant operating lease facility for the finance of EdTech (minimum deal size is £2,000). 

Working with the Durham County Council as lead authority, Link Group established a new OJEU tendered framework for the procurement of leasing facilities for educational establishments. This framework was scoped so that it can be accessed by all educational establishments in the United Kingdom.

Department for Education approved framework for schools

Our Schools Leasing Framework is listed as one of the UK Department for Education's recommended deals for leasing.

Schools choose their own supplier and agree the price, specification, terms and conditions

Each separate purchase can be managed into one single lease agreement for the school with Econocom

Separating equipment supply from the lease price means transparency of cost and a clear route to value for money

Compliance with The Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) principles and regulations

How does it work?

1 - You choose the equipment you need and the supplier(s) you want to work with

3 - Econocom approves your application and sends out contracts for your signature

4 - Once the contract is signed, Econocom with issue your chosen supplier/s a Purchase Order

5 - The supplier invoices Econocom and delivers the equipment to you

6 - When the equipment is delivered, Econocom will issue you with an Invoice Approval Form (IAF), for you to sign and confirm receipt of the Equipment detailed in the supplier/s invoice/s

7 - On receiving your signed IAF, Econocom settles your supplier/s invoice/s and the lease goes live

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Frequently asked questions

Is the framework live?

This framework was renewed on 9th April 2018 and can be accessed by all educational establishments to cater for their ICT and reprographic equipment operating lease requirements. The framework offers IAS 17 compliant operating leases, which can be arranged over 2, 3 and 4 years.


What is leasing?

Leasing is a contractual finance agreement where the user (the lessee) rents from the owner of the equipment (the lessor) over a contracted period (the lease term). This preserves the lessee’s cash for use in its core operational activities.


What are the payment options?

Quarterly or annually. Quarterly payment is only permissible in conjunction with a Direct Debit or Standing Order mandate.


What equipment can be leased?

All forms of new technology infrastructure including IT and operating software, tablets, multi-function devices (MFDs), electronic whiteboards and telecoms. Chromebooks excluded.


What type of lease does the framework provide?

All the lease options under the School Framework Agreement have been structured as Operating Leases.


Are these leases compliant?

Our operating leases are designed to be IAS 17 compliant with your local authority, as per the Schools Leasing Framework.


Can I work with more than one supplier?

Each lease can accommodate as many suppliers and as many invoices as you wish: one single lease for your entire ICT investment.


What is the minimum deal size?

The minimum deal size is £2,000.


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