Sustainability is not just a buzzword

Do you throw your assets away
once they become obsolete?

Do you store them somewhere? Or do you give them a second life and opt for
responsible reuse and recycling instead?

At Econocom, we are proud to help you play a role in the circular economy and ensure that your devices are given a new destination. By offering reconditioned equipment to new users, we generate savings in raw materials and CO2 emissions.

Let's work together sustainably and take care of our planet!

What happens to your old devices

Econocom's role is to ensure that end-of-life equipment is treated efficiently, transparently, correctly and safely, and with respect for the environment.


Once all your equipment that needs to be collected is stored in a central location, a date will be agreed for collection. We will take it to our premises to sanitise the data and send you a report.

GDPR wiping

We provide secure data destruction via industry leading data erasure software to ensure WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronical Equipment) compliance. Once completed, we send you a certificate as proof.

Second life

We give a second life to equipment in good working order to maximise its reuse. The equipment is fully tested and reconditioned to ensure that it functions flawlessly.

Recoverable components

Recoverable components will go to new IT systems or will be stored as spare parts.


Hardware deemed non-recoverable is sorted and recycled. We only work with approved partners who respect environmental legislation.

What assets do we collect?



desktops & laptops




What's in it for you?

circular economy

You can play your part in the circular economy. The reconditioning of equipment allows you to extend its lifespan and prevents the depletion of resources and raw materials.

extra revenue

End-of-life assets still have a market value. Econocom buys them from you.
For modern equipment in good condition, the price can reach tens of thousands pounds.

added value

You actively take up the economic, social and environment challenges of our society. The reuse of devices facilitates the access of new target groups to digitisation.

IT support

You don't have to worry about operational, logistical or commercial processes. They are managed professionally and in line with the market by our experts.

Ready to save the planet?

Reselling end-of-life IT equipment or using lifecycle services is not just about making savings, it’s also environmentally friendly.

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