at Econocom

Econocom is committed to ensuring the well-being,
inclusion, development and fulfilment of all its employees.

Adopt an entrepreneurial mindset

Entrepreneurship is part of our DNA: we’re convinced that your courage and ability to innovate add value to our company. 

What’s our aim?
To offer growth opportunities, while letting you express your creative energy.
At Econocom, we offer various positions in a rich, technological and international environment: there will always be new challenges for those who dare to innovate.

Supporting you throughout your career

At Econocom, taking on responsibilities is encouraged and appreciated. At each stage of your career, we help you make use of your talents and develop them further.


Integration events – Welcome Days and Welcome Dates – are organised for new employees to discuss and share job experiences, values and HR schemes.

Regular meetings with management and HR

Annual appraisals are set up to review your latest achievements and define new goals. This is an opportunity to analyse your individual performance.

Professional interviews are scheduled to discuss your professional projects in the short and medium term. This is an opportunity to support your career development.

Internal mobility encouraged

All job opportunities in the group are open to internal mobility via an employee interface.
Your professional goals are tracked by a dedicated HR team to help implement this internal mobility. 

Promoting the role of women in digital technology

Women are still considerably under-represented in the tech and IT sector. Econocom is committed to promoting gender equality in the workplace and gives women the role they deserve.

The group is committed to several initiatives: 

The programme "Femmes du Digital Econocom", which aims to recruit more women and promote their expertise in-house; 
• The signing of the #ReconversionFemmesNumérique manifesto launched by the Syntec Numérique trade union; 
• Support for different initiatives in raising the public’s awareness through the Femmes@Numérique foundation, of which we’re a founding member.

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