Looking to improve your cash position?

Cash is king. 

Recently, you may have invested in new equipment. This investment may have adversely affected your cash reserves.

Key challenges

Optimise cash flow

Boost financial attractiveness

Streamline business operations

Our solution

With our ‘’Cash Back” facility, you simply sell your assets to Econocom and immediately rent them back. You continue to use the assets in exactly the same way while releasing the cash previously tied up in the equipment. This cash injection provides extra working capital.

How does that work in practice?

Step 1

An inventory is made of the equipment and the net book value is calculated.

Step 2

Invoices and receipts for equipment already in use, but not yet written off, are collected.

Step 3

A new investment is made and the net book value of the equipment already in use is invoiced to Econocom.

Step 4

A financing agreement for the new and already in-use equipment is concluded and Econocom transfers the net book value of the equipment.

What's in it for you?

Generate cash

Release the capital “trapped” in your assets and redeploy it funding investments with a better return rate

Switch to OPEX

Enjoy a simple monthly fee for your digital equipment and full usage of your assets

Strengthen your balance sheet

Benefit from an immediate cash injection improving your cash position at a critical time of year

Why a sale and leaseback instead of
a bank loan?

A sale and leaseback transaction allows companies to unlock the capital value of their assets and improve their balance sheet, while a loan would show up on a balance sheet as a debt.


After selling their eligible assets to a finance partner such as Econocom, companies can lease them back for an agreed period at a fixed monthly rate, and access funds, typically at a much more favourable rate than normal borrowing.

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