Econocom solutions solving your retail challenges

Technological advances have 
empowered users

« Smart phygital » is changing the face of retail with the trend for seamless on- and off-line experiences. Technological advances have offered customers an enhanced shopper journey.

That's why we created :
Econocom retail

Connected end-to-end solutions to offer customers a unique, innovative & seamless experience through a one-stop shop digital partner


a 360° solution: consulting, procurement, financing, implementation, maintenance and replacement

We make sure
your retail is up-to-date

Agile marketing strategies

An approach that is in line with your sales and marketing strategies

In-store experience

Interactive solutions to suit new and emerging models and experiences

IoT and automation

Offering faster streamlined service, optimised product placement and predictive equipment maintenance 

Collaborative analytics

Building collaborative analytics systems to gain insight into the complete customer journey

Management and inventory tracking

Creating enhanced efficiency and streamlined operations

Environmental awareness

Technology and digitalization can significantly decrease retailers’ footprint.

Our references

One digital company