Discover the freedom of subscription

Realising and completing digital projects within organisations requires considerable financial flexibility.

Econocom provides bespoke IT-as-a-service solutions to help firms acquire the latest technology while spreading payments over time.

The world is changing

In the past, most large organisations would pay for any required technology upfront and then depreciate it over time on their balance sheet. Today, as subscriptions have evolved, businesses are moving away from the traditional model of purchasing and IT maintenance to a subscription-based model such as IT-as-a-service.

By doing so, they get the latest technologies, built-in security, more predictable costs and the highest levels of service - for just a monthly fee.

What's in scope?

Laptops / computers




Manufacturing and Industrial assets


(keyboards, mouses etc.)

Software programmes

Network and security

Infrastructure / meeting rooms

Why switching to as-a-service
is good for you

Spread costs over time

Align revenue expense with life of the asset. Preserve cash by avoiding an up-front payment.

Upgrade your estate in line with the latest tech

Easier to maintain refresh cycles instead of having to defer the refresh and sweat the asset, with decreasing performance and higher support costs.


Monthly subscriptions often fall within the sign-off remit of Procurement or IT within their existing revenue budgets.

Managed disposal included

No need to deal with the time and costs of disposing of redundant equipment.

How it works

1 - You place order with your supplier(s)

2 - Supplier delivers the order and you start using the tech right away

3 - Supplier invoices Econocom

4 - Econocom sends invoices to you for approval

5 - Once approved, Econocom pays the supplier

6 - You pay a monthly fee to Econocom

Examples of our
as-a-service solutions


Deploying end point devices?
Choose your BOS subscription! 

Our unique solution consists of a standard package, fully personalisable with value-add services.

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