Transform your business with as-a-service models

Pushing back frontiers
with connected industries

Finding new sources of growth by implementing digital technologies and smart devices has become a crucial issue for all areas of industry.

transport & logistics

energy & utilities

aerospace & defence - automobile & manufacturing

specialist manufacturing

Joining the next industrial revolution

Econocom can help companies transform digitally with solutions that will ensure improved productivity and competitiveness as well as addressing the specific needs of each area of industry.

Together we can realise the potential of the digital revolution, now.

Field Force Management

Remote technical support, remote diagnostics, mobile (re)planning, dynamic spare parts management 


Container monitoring, inventory condition monitoring, tracking of critical assets, fleet management

Energy & Utilities

Remote field management services, smart street lighting, energy efficiency, waste management


Smart parking, smart digital signage, smart dynamic streetlights, door-to-door luggage tracking, indoor passenger geolocation, smart infrastructure monitoring, remote maintenance


Enterprise asset management, predictive maintenance, cybersecurity for industrial assets

One digital company