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Looking to increase your sales?
Want to optimise your cashflow?
Keen to keep your customers renewing?

Give them a payment alternative by offering your solutions on a subscription via Econocom. You have the tech expertise, we have the as-a-service skills, let's become partners!

The world is changing

As consumers, we are used to the idea of paying monthly for some of our products and technologies. Think about your mobile phone contract, your car or streaming entertainment package. It’s a trend that’s popular and growing as more technology services move to the cloud. 

In the business world, IT investment has traditionally been a one-off capital expenditure followed by a period of 3-5 years usage, where the asset value is written off in the company accounts, before the whole cycle begins again. But more recently there has been a shift in thinking towards spending on technology as an operational, rather than capital cost.





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Why switching to as-a-service
is good for you

Attract new clients

More and more customers want to use equipment rather than buying it. As-a-service is the ideal solution to meet these new needs.

Increase your sales

By paying a monthly subscription instead of investing their cash upfront, your clients free up their budget and it's the perfect opportunity for you to offer them extra equipment and to encourage a regular tech refresh.

Optimise your cashflow

Have your clients received their equipment? Send us the invoice directly, we pay you upfront for 100% of the project and your clients pay us over time. No more payment delays and your cashflow is optimised.

How it works

1 - You send your subscription quote to your client for your hardware, software and services

2 - Your client signs the as-a-service contract (directly with you or Econocom depending on the model)

3 - You deliver the equipment to client

4 - You send the invoice(s) for the full project to Econocom

5 - Econocom pays you in full and you recognise revenue and margin upfront

6 - Econocom bills and collects your client on a monthly basis

7 - Your client pays the monthly fees to Econocom

8 - Econocom accepts full credit risk of your client

9 - Your commercial terms with your clients remain unchanged

What's in it for your clients?

Spread costs over time

Align revenue expense with life of the asset. Preserve cash by avoiding an upfront payment.

Regular refreshes made possible

Easier to maintain refresh cycles instead of having to defer the refresh and sweat the asset, with decreasing performance and higher support costs.


Monthly subscriptions often fall within the sign-off remit of Procurement or IT within their existing revenue budgets.

Managed disposal included

No need to deal with the time and costs of disposing of redundant equipment.

Our as-a-service marketing toolkit

Description for your website, brochures and sales pitches

  • Flyers
  • Sales kit
  • As-a-service logo
  • Email to send to prospects
  • Blog posts
  • Social media posts
  • As-a-service contracts
  • Videos

Internal tools

  • FAQs document
  • Cheat Sheet
  • Training document 
  • Pricing tool
  • Webinars
  • Sales training


Incentive programme to reward your sales team when signing as-a-service contracts. Your sales team earns points to be redeemed online on our Econocom Rewards Platform.

Sounds refreshing?

Let’s co-build a unique programme to offer your equipment as a subscription.

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