Econocom announces exclusive seminar with Microsoft to discuss the Mixed Reality as a Service programme

Richmond-upon-Thames, 05 October 2018: Econocom UK, a European digital services company and JTRS, a leading supplier of technology solutions and member of the Econocom Group, have announced an upcoming seminar with Microsoft held by the French Chamber of Commerce. The exclusive seminar is taking place on 20th November at Microsoft London Paddington and will give the Chamber’s key members the chance to learn about embracing technology with Mixed Reality as a Service.

The seminar follows the launch of the Mixed Reality as a Service programme put in place between Microsoft, Econocom and JTRS in 2017. The announcement sparked great interest among UK businesses, but while some companies have already adopted Mixed Reality applications, the price tag of the device has been perceived as a barrier for adoption among others.

Econocom, JTRS and Microsoft will demonstrate the programme and how companies can overcome cost issues and reap the benefits of immersive technology via a subscription model. The only service of its kind on the European market, Mixed Reality as a Service encompasses state-of-the-art HoloLens technology, related services, dedicated apps and financing solutions.

Paul Corriveau, Microsoft’s Global Head of Network Marketing & Partners for HoloLens, says: “The aim of this partnership between Microsoft, Econocom and JTRS is to help our clients speed up their digital transformation. By offering mixed reality ‘as a Service,’ Econocom is establishing itself as a market leader and confirming its commitment to making mixed reality and 3D technologies accessible to any company looking to improve its productivity and ways of working.

A great advantage of HoloLens over virtual reality technology is that users can place themselves in a room alongside the 3D models that they’ve created, rather than fully immersing themselves in a wholly computer-generated world. They can walk around the objects or documents that they’ve created and change them while collaborating with others.”

Chris Labrey, Managing Director UK & IRL at Econcom says: “We want to make our Mixed Reality as a Service programme accessible for all businesses. The technology is still in its early stages, but it’s poised to revolutionise a number of uses in the professional world. With our partners JTRS and Microsoft, we can offer solutions that meet a company’s digital needs. Econocom is a regular speaker, contributor and sponsor at the French Chamber of Commerce, so we decided to hold the seminar in order to share our expertise and knowledge with these key business leaders.”