[case study] Econocom works with Data Select to boost channel offering

In a fluid business environment, there is increased demand for organisations to ensure they deploy the right technology to users in order to boost productivity and meet their overall objectives. In addition, with the rise of mobile and flexible working, the need for smart devices that enable productivity has never been greater. However, this can be challenging, especially when it comes to budget.  

Data Select is a leading UK mobile and technology distributor. Established in 1999, the company works with B2B resellers, retailers and enterprises to deliver technology solutions. One of the areas it focuses on is mobile solutions, supplying handsets and all associated products, including Mobile Device Management, Mobile Voice Recording software, extended warranties and financing. However, as technology has advanced, and users and businesses are becoming more demanding, the company sought ways to strengthen its offering, make it more relevant to evolving customer needs, and ensure its channel partners could do the same.


“The market has changed dramatically over the last few years and enterprises are looking for more flexible ways of financing their technology estate, ensuring they can meet the needs of the business and their users,” said Marios Ktisti, Head of Mobile Solutions, Data Select.

“This affects the channel partners that we work with as well. Just look at the telecoms industry and how things have changed, particularly when it comes to airtime commission structures. In the past, airtime commission was paid upfront. Now that’s not the case. And, with the rising cost of devices, the complexity of end-user requirements, and the need for management and security of the devices, they need a proposition that meets all of those changing needs and making it easier for end-users to manage the cost.

“Resellers and channel partners are also looking at ways to broaden their offerings, especially when it comes to finance. In today’s Device-as-a-Service economy, financing means so much more than just cash flow and affordability. Now it’s about having a service wrap that adds value to end customers and improves upgrade paths and renewals.”

With this in mind, Data Select began working with Econocom in 2018, incorporating flexible finance options into its solutions portfolio for its reseller partners.

Econocom is a digital services provider that designs and delivers end-to-end subscription or as-a-service finance models. It operates across multiple countries and diverse industries.

“We developed a joint proposition to take to our channel. Econocom offers our resellers and their end customers a workable, managed finance solution that enables them to fund their devices, from smartphones and tablets, through to software and mobile solutions,” said Ktisti. “The use of residual value models, much like we use to finance our cars, particularly resonates with the businesses we work with.”


At the beginning of the relationship, Econocom and Data Select collaborated on developing a strong, flexible finance offering that would address the needs of both partners and end-user customers. This partnership has been further strengthened beyond the initial offering. Econocom works closely with Data Select, training its sales teams on the different finance options, how they work in practice and the benefits they can bring customers.

The Econocom team also collaborates with Data Select on structuring deals and adding value to the finance section of proposals and sales meetings — all ensuring that Data Select is able to offer an end-to-end service to its channel partners.

“Along with the move from CAPEX to OPEX financing models, organisations are demanding more flexible funding options that brings predictability to their operations and allows them to access the most state-of-the-art devices while meeting user demands,” explained Ruth Glennon, Digital Strategy Director at Econocom.

“This is the core of Econocom’s business; developing tailored finance options and subscription models that make enterprises more flexible and ultimately empower end users.”


Working with Econocom has enabled Data Select to widen the range of solutions it offers to resellers and end customers, making the mobile and technology company more agile, more competitive, and able to deliver more options that can be financed in flexible ways.

“In today’s as-a-service economy, it’s not just technology that can be financed. Our work with Econocom is opening up more opportunities with resellers who are keen to do more. Many of our partners offer a broad range of solutions, not just the mobiles and tablets they source from us. By working with Econocom and helping our partners with flexible finance, they can now also incorporate the rest of their offerings into their product portfolio and deliver one streamlined proposition to their customers,” concluded Ktisti.