The solution for helping IT and digital departments measure,
reduce and offset their ecological footprint for an approach
entirely centred on responsible digital technology

How can you work towards
a responsible approach
in digital technology? 

Our EcoCarbon offering is designed to improve the environmental footprint of your digital estate.

Digital tech contributes around 4% towards CO2 emissions and is expected to double by next year. With companies now having to put in place commitments and action plans to show how they will monitor and reduce their emissions, our offering helps you with this end to end process.

EcoCarbon assesses and helps reduce the energy usage and environmental footprint of your digital infrastructure, considering the entire lifecycle process from manufacturing to end-of-life disposal.

Our solution is based on 

three pillars

Estimate the environmental impact of your digital estate

Take responsible actions to reduce CO2 emissions

Invest in a responsible and sustainable project


IT data collection

Calculation of energy consumption (use) and environmental impacts (construction and end-of-lifecycle phase) of IT equipment

environmental impact analysis

Analysis of data centre, cloud and applications scope with expert partners recognised in our ecosystem


Provision of reports with the results generated


Identifying ways of optimising the energy and ecological footprint (advice on equipment, optimisation of uses, extending duration of use, circular economy, etc.)


Estimate of savings made from each action

tracking and coordination

Tracking and coordination for implementing the action plan


Choose the projects in which you would like to offset the carbon footprint of your IT assets


We take care of administrative formalities with our CSR partners


We issue you with a certificate for the amount of carbon tons offset for a few centimes per month per asset

sectors we cover


Energetic study 50,000 assets across 12 areas


Digital environmental footprint 80,000 assets across 6 international areas


Environmental study - 50,000 assets


Evironmental study 25,000 assets

IT Services

Energetic performance of Datacenter since 2019

Higher Education

Environmental study - 50,000 study

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