Oliver Watts

Business Development Programme Manager, UK & IRL

What does your job involve?

I look after the Education Sector here at Econocom, along with co-managing our portfolio in Ireland too. For schools, colleges, trusts and universities, I ensure Econocom provide an operating compliant lease for their digital IT projects such as pupil iPad refreshes or staff mobiles. Compliance in modern times is paramount, so I need to work with both clients and business partners alike to ensure these criteria are met. With several hundred accounts within this sector, it’s a busy job!

What spurs you on each day?

Education is the backbone of what makes Britain so successful and ensuring pupils have access to the latest technology to enhance their learning, particularly in these ‘pandemic times’, is hugely rewarding. For me, it’s knowing I make a difference in ensuring our clients’ projects are successful so they can do what they do best, whichever industry they happen to work in. I work with a fantastic team here in the UK, all of whom are incredibly talented and supportive. 

Would you advise a friend to apply for a job at Econocom?

In short absolutely!  As long as they’re willing to work hard, learn a little every day and uphold the same values as myself and Econocom, they’ll fit right in. Econocom have the might of a multi-billion euro company yet we speak to our partners, clients and prospects on a personal level, working our solutions to fit them. We’re not a one-size-fits-all solution, but about being flexible and creative. It’s a real pleasure to be part of the team here.

Could you tell us a little anecdote to illustrate your work at Econocom?

I often visit clients’ following up on how they’re getting on with their facility with Econocom – it’s at this stage I see first-hand how the technology is being implemented in various ways, whether iPads in a school or giant screens at a sports ground! It always brings a smile to my face knowing that was only possible thanks to the effort Econocom and I put in.

"Econocom isn’t a job, it’s a way of life – you are constantly learning, improving, creating opportunities. I’ve been lucky enough to bring so much of what I’ve learnt here into my life outside work, thinking differently about financial transactions in a way I never would have before."

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