A Recap of This Year’s Retail Technology Show 2024

Olympia London, Hammersmith Rd, London W14 8UX

First and foremost: wow! The magic promised was indeed delivered. With over 400 innovative tech suppliers and 120 industry-leading speakers in attendance, the two days were an immersion in groundbreaking insights and invaluable networking opportunities.

Our team has distilled the event down to three main hot topics. Let's delve into their insights:

Electronic Shelf Labels:

As predicted by our retail specialists at Econocom, electronic shelf labelling providers stole the spotlight. Many ESL resellers and integrators were in attendance to showcase this increasingly popular technology. Pricer & Solum, two exhibitors who demonstrated how their real-time communication solutions are enhancing shopping experiences. Electronic shelf labelling not only saves time with automatic price updates but also improves customer service by freeing up store employees' time and providing customers with accurate and reliable pricing.

Solum took it one step further and presented their Digital Shelf Edge Displays. Modernising shelf edge labels, helping retailers keep up with evolving customer expectations and industry standards.

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Image: Solum Electronic shelf labels - Solum LinkedIn 

Image: Solum Digital Shelf Edge Displays - Solum LinkedIn 


AI in Retail:

AI has swept through many industries in recent years, so it was no surprise to see its prominent role at this year’s Retail Technology Show. What's remarkable is its omnipresence in every facet of the retail industry, enhancing personalised recommendations, smart inventory management systems, and customer service bots, fundamentally transforming the way we shop.

Among the many solutions, VusionGroup's Captana model caught our eye. Their computer vision technology, featuring mini wireless cameras, provides retailers with real-time shelf monitoring data and analysis without compromising individual privacy. With reported increases in labour efficiency and on-shelf availability, it was amazing to witness such transformative technology in action.

Image: VusionGroup stand at the Retail Technology Show 2024 at Olympia London taken by Econocom UK Marketing 

We also engaged with x-hoppers, who aim to increase sales, decrease training time and reduce threat with their complete retail headset solution with AI assistance, and Checklens, in partnership with Pan Oston, fighting back against crime with AI-powered self-checkouts, enabling retailers to detect and prevent fraudulent activities with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency.

Image: x-hoppers stand at the Retail Technology Show 2024 at Olympia London 

Image: Checklens stand at the Retail Technology Show 2024 at Olympia London 


AV Technology:

NowSignage and LamasaTech showcased cutting-edge AV technology at the event. LamasaTech displayed its digital signage and touchscreens, demonstrating how these solutions entice customers into stores, elevate customer experiences, and boost sales. Their brilliant Versi double-sided hanging display was particularly noteworthy. Self-service technology, increasingly prevalent in various styles of restaurants, empowers customers to customise and control their orders, providing quick and easy accessibility and enhancing their overall shopping experience.

LamasaTech's interactive digital kiosks and touchscreen display solutions enhance customer engagement and satisfaction, offering personalised and intuitive interfaces that drive increased customer loyalty and sales while streamlining operations and reducing staff workload.

Image: LamasaTech stand at the Retail Technology show 2024 - Olympia London


To summaries, the Retail Technology Show was yet another resounding success! If you missed us at the event and would like to explore how we can help expedite the delivery of your solutions to your customers or assist with implementing your retail digital project, feel free to get in touch with our team!

Written by Atinuke Osin - Senior Marketing Executive at Econocom UK

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