Coleg Sir Gar: Supporting teaching and learning with technology

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published on 02/20/2020 - 13:59

The Challenge

Coleg Sir Gar is a further education college in South Wales with 7 campuses and 10,000+ students.

One of the college’s challenges is the ongoing management and maintenance of its 2,100 PCs and 350 Apple Macs to enhance both the teaching and learning processes.

Coleg Sir Gar put out a formal tender and looked for a cost-effective way to keep its digital estate current, while minimising the time and effort required in financing and maintaining it.

Econocom Solution

Understanding the education sector and offering a quality service using a subscription-based funding structure approach was a deciding factor in Econocom winning the contract.

Econocom supplied and financed a number of Apple Macs, and funded PCs & laptops from the college’s nominated supplier. This included end of term collection, disposal, re-marketing services and a deletion certificate.

Warranty on PCs was also extended to five years to match the college’s expected refresh term.

"Econocom provides us with a consistently high quality of service in the most cost-effective manner possible. They are responsive and provide answers to our queries very quickly. It gives us great peace of mind to know that we have the latest equipment and when it becomes obsolete, it is disposed of securely and then replaced with minimum input from us. It has taken the pressure off the IT department and our cash flow, meaning that we can focus on other areas."

Ralph Priller – Director of Financial services – Coleg Sir Gar

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