[REPORT] The hidden value of workplace technology

Have you ever wondered what would motivate office-based employees to work harder? 

New research from Econocom has revealed that almost half (43%) of office workers said that access to the latest workplace technology would make them feel more valued, while 38% said it would motivate them to work harder.

The research for the report, entitled The Hidden Value of Workplace Technology, polled 1,069 office-based workers across the UK in a range of roles, including sales/business development, account management, marketing, technical/IT, HR, legal and more. 

The research found that workplace technology is important not just for companies looking to retain existing staff, but also to recruit new members. Chris Labrey, MD, Econocom UK & IRL says: “Workplace technology is more important to employees than ever before, and these findings really reflect that. Not only do they shine a light on how important it can be from a productivity perspective, but it also emphasises its often-overlooked role in boosting motivation and morale among staff. Businesses today could do far worse than to look at their own workplace technology and consider the wider impact this might be having on their employees.” 

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·         How many enjoy better technology at home than at work?  

·         What technologies would employees like introduced in to their workplace?  

·         What would be the benefits of new technology in the workplace?